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Sleep Disorders

Alarming Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in Police Officers affects job Performance

Sleep complaints are known to cause difficulty with both sleep and daytime function, including occupational duties. This recent study specifically evaluated the previously unrecognized incidence of sleep issues in law enforcement personnel. Over 40% of 5000 police officers...

Sleepiness-Related Accidents in Sleep Apnea Patients

Fatigue and sleep disorders contribute to more motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) than alcohol and drugs combined. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) publishes statistics each year that include the incidence of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea,...

Obstructive Sleep Apnea as a Risk Factor for Type II Diabetes

Sleep apnea is thought to be more common in obese patients, particularly those who suffer from conditions such as diabetes. Medical literature has clearly established that treating diabetic patients who suffer from sleep apnea for their sleep disorder significantly improves...

CPAP Reduces Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sleep disorders and fatigue contribute to an unprecedented number of motor vehicular accidents (MVAs) every year in the US. Sleep apnea is the number one diagnosed sleep disorder; ironically, it is also the most underrecognized sleep disorder, with over 90% of patients having yet...